Celtics drew higher ratings than Bruins this season

Celtics drew higher ratings than Bruins this season

The Celtics drew higher television ratings than the Bruins this season as both teams finished towards the top of their conferences and looked like legitimate contenders for extended periods of time. Well, at least the Celtics did until Kyrie Irving’s knee started acting up. 

The Celtics saw their ratings on NBC Sports Boston surge by 44 percent during the regular season, per the Sports Business Journal. It was the second-biggest gain in the NBA.

On the whole, Celtics games attracted an average rating of 3.24. 

Those numbers aren’t a surprise. Through the first month of the season, while the team was riding its 16-game winning streak, the Celtics saw their household viewership increase by 139 percent and viewership among men increase by 193 percent. 

The season started disastrously when Gordon Hayward broke his ankle on opening night. But the Celtics kept winning, largely thanks to deft coaching from Brad Stevens and Irving’s brilliant play. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum developed into budding stars as well. 

The Celtics played a thrilling brand of basketball until the end, even when Irving was sidelined over the final month. Maybe their most shocking run of the season came in late March, when they rattled off six straight wins –– including heart-palpating victories against the Thunder, Jazz and Raptors –– with a heavily depleted roster.

The Bruins, sparked by a run at the turn of the new year, finished with the second-most points in the Eastern Conference, trailing the Lightning by one. But new viewers didn’t seem to catch on. The B’s saw their numbers on NESN dip by two percent, good for a nightly average rating of 2.95, according to SBJ. It was the fifth-highest mark in the NHL.

Interestingly enough, the Red Sox seem to be capturing New England’s attention this spring. Their numbers are up 20 percent overall, and on Sunday, their ho-hum matinee against the A’s drew a 6.9. The Celtics’ Game 4 thriller against the Bucks on ABC finished with a 6.2. 

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