Celtics coach Brad Stevens describes Gordon Hayward's recent setback as 'small'

Celtics coach Brad Stevens describes Gordon Hayward's recent setback as 'small'

Celtics fans weren’t happy to hear that Gordon Hayward had suffered a recent setback in his return from a broken ankle. On Sunday, coach Brad Stevens provided some encouraging context.

Hayward broke his ankle five minutes into the opener vs. the Cavaliers and has since held out hope of returning for the playoffs. That hope took a hit about six weeks ago when Hayward had to ease off while running on the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, Stevens explained. Speaking to reporters before Sunday’s game in New Orleans, Stevens filled in some of the blanks.

Per Masslive.com:

“It was just a typical, you know, we’re doing a progression and he had some soreness out of that progression,” Stevens said. “So you know, we talk about like moving on in the AlterG, running from 50 percent of your body weight — 60, 70 — stuck at 50, take a couple steps back for a couple weeks and then resume.”

The AlterG allows rehabbing athletes to run on less than their full body weight, but Hayward apparently tried to push things a little too far. Stevens characterized the setback as minor.

“And probably a little bit predictable based on, you know, how he’s been working and everything else,” Stevens told reporters. “There’s going to be some soreness and I think you’re weighing, measuring that, too. But yeah, that’s why he resumed the Alter G activity a couple weeks later. But nothing, nothing that would be you know a longterm issue or anything like that. Small.”

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