Celtics assistant said to have taken bribes at Penn

Celtics assistant said to have taken bribes at Penn

A Celtics assistant coach might be in some hot water.

According to Bloomberg, Jerome Allen is named in a criminal case alleging he took bribes from a Miami-area businessman in order to help gain his son admission to the University of Pennsylvania. 

The report states that while the current Celtics assistant, and former Penn head coach, isn’t named specifically in the government’s indictment of Philip Esformes, Allen is the person referred to as “Coach 2” in the filing. Allen, who joined Boston after being fired from Penn following the 2014-15 season, is not currently being charged with a crime.

The article goes on to say prosecutors are claiming Esformes funded Allen with $74,000 in cash, a recruiting trip to Miami and a ride on the businessman’s private jet in 2013 and 2014 in order to help Morris Esformes gain admission to Penn, where he currently is enrolled.

While Penn does not offer scholarships due to its status in the Ivy League. Esformes’ goal, according to the report, was to have Allen list Morris Esformes as a recruited basketball player, which would enhance his chances of admission. 

Morris Esformes was never listed as playing for a varsity team at Penn, having enrolled at the school after Allen’s departure.

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