Celtics 112, Pacers 111: It's good to be a Boston sports fan

Celtics 112, Pacers 111: It's good to be a Boston sports fan

Terry Rozier stole the ball.

Just another day in the world of Boston sports.

What the Celtics managed Monday night would normally have offered a top-of-the-list moment for any pro sports community. And perhaps it was. After all, we still remember Milt Palacio’s buzzer-beater from Dec. 28, 2000, giving Rick Pitino his last win as a coach in Boston. And this one — a 112-111 win for the Celtics over Indiana — was probably even more improbable. (For a complete recap, click here.)

Want proof? ESPN Sports and Info offered some, tweeting that entering Monday NBA teams were 0-379 this season when trailing by five or more in the final 30 seconds. Or how about the fact that teams trailing by five or more in the final 30 seconds of a game have a winning percentage of .002 in those games over the past 20 seasons?

What Rozier did in the final seconds of the latest Celtics win was one for the books.

But here’s the weird thing: You almost expect something like this.

One day earlier, it was Duron Harmon who offered another reminder that we have it pretty good around these parts, punctuating the Patriots’ win with the first of the two memorable interceptions. And then came Rozier, whose most memorable quote after saving the Celtics’ bacon obviously offered a tip of the chapeau to the sport we had been talking about for most of the day.

The Celtics have earned the same right the Patriots started claiming years ago. They have made us believe that every bump in the road will be soon followed by miles and miles of smooth highway. And there was no better example of this development than this one.

This was a game where the Celtics blew a 19-point lead, leading the narrative to shift to the emerging excellence of Indiana’s Victor Oladipo. It was simply shaping up as an off night for Brad Stevens’ crew, while offering a reminder that the Pacers knew what they were doing in dealing Paul George for Oladipo (38 points) and big man Domantas Sabonis (18).

But as is usually the case, the Celts found a way. The five-point deficit started getting chipped away with Kyrie Irving’s 3-pointer. After a pair of Indiana free throws, the Pacers left Marcus Smart take an eight-foot runner. Why not, right? It was Marcus Smart. Well, the Celtics guard came through again when it counted the most. Then, following another two Indiana freebies, Irving canned his final three points to set up Rozier’s fateful steal.

Now, these moments aren’t just constructed from luck. The Patriots practice that situation Ben Roethlisberger choked in. And Stevens was wise enough to implement the ‘Diamond’ trap, while putting in Shane Larkin to offer just enough of a distraction to set up Rozier.

Patriots, Celtics, and even the Bruins offered another pretty healthy dose of optimism with their beatdown of the Blue Jackets.

It’s gotten to the point where Boston sports fans might have faith that the Red Sox’ signing of Mitch Moreland will actually lead to something Yankees-esque. Well, maybe they will just have to settle for Harmon and Rozier for now.

JBL Audio Stat of the Game: Former Celtics Al Jefferson saw action for the Pacers after getting 17 straight DNP due to coach’s decision.

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