Cedric Maxwell says Kyrie Irving is a top-5 all-time Celtic

Cedric Maxwell says Kyrie Irving is a top-5 all-time Celtic

Celtics radio analyst Cedric Maxwell checked in with CLNS Media’s Adam Kaufman, where he was asked to rank his top five Celtics players of all time. 

While the first four names didn’t come as a surprise, the last one was a bit of an eye-opener. Larry Bird immediately came out of Maxwell’s mouth following the question, which was followed by Bill Russell, Kevin McHale, John Havlicek, and finally; first-year Celtic Kyrie Irving. 

“This year Kyrie Irving is one of the best guards to ever be around the game,” Maxwell proclaimed. “No offense to any other point [guards] — the great Bob Cousy — but Kyrie Irving is at another level of being a point guard that we have not seen, ever in this organization.”

This isn’t the first time Maxwell has gone out on a limb when comparing franchise greats to active Celtics players. At the beginning of Kevin Garnett’s tenure with the Celtics, Maxwell called him an overall better player than Larry Bird — based on what Garnett meant to the C’s on the defensive end of the floor. 

However, this time is slightly different.

Irving, 25, isn’t as established of a player as the 31-year-old Garnett was at the time Maxwell made his claim in comparing KG to Bird. Garnett, who was a former league MVP at the time, was already considered one of the greatest power forwards in league history, whereas Irving still has plenty to prove less than one year removed from LeBron James’ shadow. 

Maxwell’s premature stance overlooks a handful of greats that came before Irving but is an acceptable conversation starting point on just how far the trajectory of Irving’s legacy in Boston truly is.


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