Brown didn’t see Horford signing elsewhere, wasn’t surprised

Brown didn’t see Horford signing elsewhere, wasn’t surprised

Jaylen Brown made two things very clear at Saturday’s practice. One, nothing that happens in the NBA surprises him anymore. Two, he was not led to believe Al Horford was leaving Boston until the ex-Celtic actually did.

The reason Brown stressed both points: the response he gave when asked if he was surprised by Horford’s decision to move to Philadelphia.

“Was I surprised? Uh, nope,” Brown said. “Wouldn’t say I was.”

Marcus Smart was both surprised and not at the same time.

“He stayed in the East. They’re a championship-contending team,” Smart said. “They’re really good. The progress has definitely shown. Al wants to win. He gave us his time here and he felt that it’s time for a new chapter in his life. (In) a sense, I am surprised, but not really.”

Brown’s reasoning wasn’t specific to Horford. His reaction had more to do with the way NBA free agency has evolved and what players prioritize when looking at various opportunities.

“I just wasn’t, I don’t know. Not a lot of surprises these days. The NBA is crazy,” Brown said. “It wasn’t that I was expecting him to leave, I just wasn’t surprised that he did. Everybody has to do what’s best for them. Al is a vet. He earned every paycheck he’s gotten. So I wasn’t surprised that he went and took care of his family.”

Brown made sure to circle back and clarify his message: the fact he wasn’t surprised with Horford’s decision had nothing to do with Boston. His reaction is purely a result of the way the NBA works.

“I (don’t) mean it in a sense Al was wanting to leave,” Brown said. “I don’t know what he wanted to do. In the NBA, I was just thinking that everybody always does what’s best for their family. Everybody is always jumping teams. Nothing really surprises me anymore in terms of the NBA, since (Kevin Durant) went to Golden State. That’s the terms I meant, not because Boston isn’t a great place or anything.

“Boston is a great city. Al is a great player. He served his time great here and I wish him the best.”

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