Brad Stevens is crushing your Gordon Hayward dreams

Brad Stevens is crushing your Gordon Hayward dreams

The Players’ Tribune can post any encouraging Gordon Hayward video they’d like, but that’s not going to do a thing to change the tune Brad Stevens has sung since October.

“He’s not playing this year,” the C’s coach (and Hayward’s closest confidant) bluntly said after Saturday’s pregame shootaround in Houston. “I don’t know what else to say .. He’s a super long way away from even being in an one-on-0 workout where he’s cutting.”

While such a quote goes against the positives we lunged to grab from that aforementioned Hayward video, it’s most definitely in line with what Stevens and the Celtics have said about Hayward’s recovery from a fractured ankle since October.

In fact, they won’t even put an official timeline on Hayward’s recovery.

“Is he progressing? Yes. He did another AlterG; he’s up to 60 percent of his weight on the AlterG,” Stevens said of Hayward’s continued progress. “If you’ve ever run on the AlterG, that feels like you’re flying without your legs touching the ground.”

Still, Stevens believes that the videos are a positive aspect of Hayward’s journey back.

“It continues to show the progress,” Stevens said of the videos. “Sometimes when you’re in the midst of that long rehab, you don’t feel the progress in the day-to-day the way that we all may see the video and say, ‘Man he really is getting better.’”

A simple ‘better’ is not enough to get the C’s max contract sharpshooter back on the court, though, and Stevens seems willing to give the same update next time you ask.

“Check back tomorrow,” joked Stevens.

Not gonna lie… we probably will. 

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