Boston Celtics react to news of Danny Ainge having heart attack

Boston Celtics react to news of Danny Ainge having heart attack

Early Thursday afternoon, the Celtics announced president of basketball operations Danny Ainge suffered a mild heart attack while in Milwaukee. The 60-year-old is expected to return to Boston shortly and make a full recovery.

Speaking to reporters at Celtics practice, players who spoke said they just found out the news, days after it happened prior to Tuesday’s Game 2.

Here’s what they had to say.

Jayson Tatum: “Very scary. I just found out today. I heard he’s doing well. I’m going to reach out to him after practice. He’s resting well and feels better. Obviously, always scary but he’s got a good support network. Obviously, expect a full recovery and he’s feeling good. So that’s all positive. Certainly scary.”

Marcus Smart: “Anything serious that you’re dealing with your health is something that is real concerning. But he has great help and doctors are going to take great care of him. They said he’s resting now and he’s going to make a full recovery. He’s got to get his rest and continue to recover.”

“Danny is just one of those guys who takes time out of his life, his day when he’s doing his schedule to make sure you’re all right,” Marcus Smart said. “He constantly checks in on us, my family, and things like that. Just personally for me he’s been another mentor for me from when I first got here Danny was the person I see every day and am talking to, so he means a lot to my life as well so. So like I said I just hope he has a speedy recovery.”

Brad Stevens: “To me, he’s a friend. And the family’s been so good to us that you don’t even think about anything else. You just want him to be comfortable and feeling great and getting better. Good prognosis, all that’s the case. Then, obviously, it immediately goes to his family and his kids and his wife and they all seem to be doing well, too.”

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