Boston Celtics draft pick Tremont Waters recalls first time seeing Carsen Edwards play

Boston Celtics draft pick Tremont Waters recalls first time seeing Carsen Edwards play

Thursday, Tremont Waters and Carsen Edwards became teammates in Boston.

A year ago, Waters had no idea who Edwards was. 

Though the moment he saw Edwards play was one he would never forget.

At the draft picks’ introductory press conference Monday, Waters recalled ordering chicken wings and french fries at a Chinese restaurant when he saw Edwards on TV. Although Grant Williams and the other players didn’t hesitate to laugh at Waters for his untraditional order, his story would prove to be heartfelt and complimentary of one of his newest teammates.

“So I was just waiting for my French fries and chicken wings to come out and I was watching the TV, I think they were playing Indiana, and I saw Carsen drive down the left side of the, it was the second half I think of an overtime game, he drove down the left side of the court and he took off with one foot, and that’s when I really was like, ‘this guy’s different,’” Waters said. 

“And to be able to sit here and have the opportunity to play with him and learn from him, and obviously I’m going to have the opportunity to learn from both of these guys too, Romeo and Grant. But to be able to just learn from him and play alongside of him is definitely going to be fun.”

The two guards are similar in size, with Waters listed at 5-foot-11 and Edwards at 6-feet, while Romeo Langford is 6-foot-6. Waters is currently the shortest player on the Celtics roster, but is not concerned about his size.

“I’m definitely out here to prove a lot,” he said. “Like Isaiah Thomas – He was a smaller guard that came into the league with probably a lot of doubters in him and he just showed that as long as he remained himself and plays basketball and has the heart that he had, it’s going to take care of itself.”

The New Haven, Connecticut native did just that last season at LSU. Waters was the shortest player on the roster last season by four inches, and averaged 15.1 points per game while shooting 43.4 percent from the field. When asked how he can still finish his shots as a shorter player, Waters pointed to one free agent who has recently garnered the majority of the Celtics’ free agency attention: Kryie Irving.

“This might touch some people, but growing up in high school I watched a lot of Kyrie Irving videos, and the way he spins the ball, uses the backboard, angles off the backboard and everything,” Waters said. “Just those type of mechanics, I just grew up doing those same things, and no hard feelings towards him. He’s actually one of my favorite point guards. So, I know it’s a business, but I had to say that.”

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