Boston Celtics draft pick Grant Williams a self-proclaimed nerd and goofball

Boston Celtics draft pick Grant Williams a self-proclaimed nerd and goofball

As soon as they got to Boston, Celtics draft picks Romeo Langford, Carsen Edwards, and Tremont Waters quickly discovered Grant Williams the player is much different from Grant Williams the person.

“I’m pretty sure we all got in about the same time and I got a text from Grant asking if he should set up his PlayStation or Nintendo Switch,” Waters said at the draft picks’ introductory press conference.

The video games didn’t happen. They didn’t play any board games either, which Williams also offered as an option, according to Edwards. Though Williams, Edwards and Langford did hop on FaceTime to talk a little bit about their first big day as Boston Celtics. The conversation was, of course, initiated by the same person who was looking to play games the second he landed the city.

The light, vibrant personality Williams displayed during the press conference on Monday was different from the fierce competitor most have seen on the court. Despite what everyone else thinks, the 6-foot-7 forward believes he’s pretty much the same person on the court as he is off of it.

“It’s honestly pretty funny, it’s like I’m still probably a pretty goofy guy and pretty nerdy on the court because I don’t talk trash, I’m a guy that just loves to compete,” Williams said. “It’s kind of like when I play card games or you see when I’m playing (PlayStation). I’m just a pretty competitive guy so I feel like that just brings it out of me. I love winning, I love adding to winning, so for me, it’s always been about finding a way to do that in any way possible, and that’s where I think that toughness and that competitive edge comes from.

“I’m a nerd and a goofball.”

Although Williams didn’t have a hard time explaining what he’s like as a person, he was at his best when talking about his three new teammates.

When the foursome was asked to provide a scouting report for each of the guys they’d played against, Williams broke out a big smile. He even set how the conversation would go, electing to go last because he’d played against two of his teammates (Edwards and Waters) as opposed to just his fellow SEC product, Edwards.

Once it was his turn to talk, Williams didn’t hold back on the compliments. 

“When it comes to the guys, starting with Trey (Waters), playing the past two years, he’s a really aggressive scorer, but he’s also a really good facilitator as well,” said Williams. “He’s a really good, talented defender, for his size especially. And people don’t give him that credit a lot of the times. He was a defensive player of the year in our league and that’s hard to do because there’s a lot of talented athletes in the SEC. So he’s a guy who can make an impact right away because of how versatile he is on both ends of the court and how he can put the ball in the basket at an efficient level. 

“With Carson, our whole thing was try and not let him catch it,” he continued. “But you know he can line it up from mid-range and he’s the guy who’s physical enough to guard it. But he can switch to a four-man in the league and hold his own because of how, I call him a little bully, because of how stalky, how strong he is, a little linebacker or something like that. But he’s a guy who, I know he loves that left hand, but he can go both ways, and he’s a really talented player.

“So I’m really here with a great group of guys here, and it’s going to be a great couple of years hopefully.”

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