Antoine Walker makes case for LeBron James to sign with Celtics

Antoine Walker makes case for LeBron James to sign with Celtics

Antoine Walker thinks LeBron James should sign with the Celtics this offseason, no matter how outlandish the idea may appear.

On FS1’s “First Things First” Wednesday, the shimmying Celtics great made the case for James to choose Boston in his hypothetical free agent decision this summer. 

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but if I was him, I’m going to Boston,” Walker said. “I’m going to Boston. I mean, Kevin Durant did it. Kevin Durant joined the best. The best team in the Eastern Conference right now would be the Boston Celtics. I would figure out a way to Boston if I’m LeBron James.”

In order to sign James, the Celtics would have to clear lots of cap space, trade some members of their young core and probably consult Kyrie Irving, who spurned James in Cleveland last summer. Still, Walker says Ainge should consider the drastic overhaul. 

“If I’m Danny Ainge, I’m taking a shot at it,” Walker said. “I want to even the playing field. If LeBron James is free, I want to even the playing field and that’s how you even the playing field.”

There’s little doubt the Celtics would be the prohibitive favorites if they were able to land James. But then again, they might be favorites in the East anyway, with Irving and Gordon Hayward slated to return to a team that took the Cavaliers to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference.

It took an exceptional performance from James to oust the Celtics. He averaged 33.6 points, 9 rebounds and 8.4 assists per game during the series. 

Despite Walker’s suggestion, it seems highly unlikely the Celtics will pursue James. Instead, the Sixers are rumored to be the other Eastern Conference team that competes with Cleveland for his services. Walker says he would be supportive of James going to Philly as well.

“I do like the situation in Philly because they got some young players,” he said. “LeBron needs to be around some youth. He cannot continue to extend the energy he’s extended throughout the regular season. What he did this year was obviously a miracle. It’s incredible. All credit to him and his conditioning. But asking him to continue to do that in year 16, 17, and 18, it’s going to be impossible.”

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