Another double-double for Tacko Fall, Tremont Waters shines

Another double-double for Tacko Fall, Tremont Waters shines

Tacko Fall had to put in a little extra work against the Westchester Knicks on Saturday, but the big man still managed to finish with 10 points and 11 rebounds in the 118-108 win.

The Knicks applied extra pressure in the paint, forcing Fall to battle for position harder. In addition to being called for an offensive foul and traveling, the Red Claws weren’t able to feed Fall in the paint as frequently as they have in the past.

Fall also had some struggles off pick-and-rolls on offense. He ran into Bryce Brown when the guard elected to pull up off the screen rather than drive. Fall almost repeated his mistake a second time, but he stopped before colliding with another teammate.

Now that teams have gotten a good look at Fall, he’ll have to make some adjustments with his approach. He’s still getting rid of the ball quickly when his teammates find him near the rim, but Fall was too casual at times against the Knicks — which how he got blocked on the way up for an easy dunk attempt in the second half.

Tremont Waters followed up his 24-point performance against Raptors 905 with another 24-point game on Sunday. He went 8-for-19 from the floor (5-for-12 from three) and finished with eight assists.

Fall may receive most of the attention, but no one moves as well on the floor as Waters. At some point, he’ll get a shot to prove he can compete in the NBA despite his lack of size.

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