Anna Horford sounds off on Boston media: ‘I don’t know if they’re even watching’

Anna Horford sounds off on Boston media: ‘I don’t know if they’re even watching’

The Celtics are taking on the Wizards in Game 7 Monday.  (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

Anna Horford is perhaps the Celtics’ most passionate fan. (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

Those who cross the Celtics can expect to face Anna Horford’s wrath. 

Al Horford’s sister seldom shies away from sharing her opinion, most recently ripping Warriors forward Draymond Green for calling Kelly Olynyk a dirty player. Her Twitter feed will likely be active during the Celtics’ Game 7 showdown against the Wizards Monday, serving as a stream of consciousness as she watches the game unfold. 

Though Horford isn’t afraid to lambast other players in the league, she saves some of her sharpest commentary for members of the Boston sports media, going after personalities who criticize her brother and his team. 

In a phone conversation with, Horford explained her critiques of the Boston sports media scene. She also offered some insight into the apparent animosity between the Celtics and Wizards. 

Alex Reimer: Why do you think there’s so much animosity between the Celtics and Wizards?

Anna Horford: “The Cavs have been king in the East and [the Celtics and Wizards] are fighting each other for who’s next in line. I think that’s where a lot of the animosity and competitiveness stems from. We’re just trying to battle it out and see who’s the better team. I think it’s Boston, obviously, but I think that’s where that comes from –– just trying to figure out who’s better.”

AR: What is the biggest thing a lot of talking heads miss when analyzing the Celtics?

AH: “I can just tell a lot of the media has been very clickbait, attention-grabbing. They just want the hot takes. I’m not sure if the hosts actually watch the games, or if they go purely based on the box score.

“As far as this series goes, I don’t know if they’re even watching. But if they are, they’re clearly not seeing the little things that are happening that are magical. We had a great Game 5 at home and we just played so well –– our offense flowed so well. We looked like a really well put together team and I think it’s the little things people miss when they’re just paying attention to points and rebounds. And then as well as looking at just the positives. So for example, comparing this season to previous seasons and postseasons, this team has had a tremendous amount of growth. A lot of our individual players have also had a lot of growth. I think that’s really impressive. So if you’re paying attention, you know that we’re on the right track and we’re only going to get better from here.”

AR: How does the media coverage in Boston compare to Atlanta?

AH: “In Atlanta, they were a little more laid back. The media that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, they all seemed very informed. They were all very kind, they all really like Al. I think that’s the difference. Atlanta knew Al, knew his character and knew his style of play. In Boston, you almost have to come in and kind of prove yourself to fans and radio hosts and the media. I think they’ve been a little harder on him, just because they don’t know him on a certain level. They will, eventually, but I think that’s a big difference.”

AR: It must be bizarre to hear strangers talk about your brother.

AH: “It’s definitely interesting. I don’t think any of these people would say these negative things to his face, or if they say bad things about Isaiah [Thomas], they’d never say that to his face. So it’s interesting how below [the belt] people are at certain times if they’re not face-to-face with the person they’re talking about, or even taken the time to get to know them.”

AR: Has Al talked to you about your tweeting?

AH: “He knows the kind of person I am. I’m very fierce when it comes to my family and my friends. We’ve talked about it –– we laugh about it. But at the same time, he’s not paying attention to social media anyway or anyone’s opinion. He just kind of goes out there and does the best he can. He just kind of goes based on how he’s feeling personally based on how other people feel about him.”

AR: Do you tweet as a stream of consciousness, or just blurt things out?

AH: “My most popular tweets are the ones that I just blurt out. Sometime I do that without thinking, sometimes I do think to myself that I could’ve worded it a little bit better, or maybe not used as many F-bombs. But that’s how I’m feeling in the moment, and I think people appreciate that sincerity and that truth.” 

Some answers have been edited for brevity.

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