Ainge compares Javonte Green to ex-Celtic guard

Ainge compares Javonte Green to ex-Celtic guard

Javonte Green found out he’d earned the 15th and final spot on the Celtics roster on Saturday — the same day Max Strus was waived. But Green didn’t find out when the C’s announced the news. Danny Ainge told him after Saturday’s practice.

Then he made the phone call to his mom and celebrated further from there. Though, even after informing others of the news and receiving a text from Brad Stevens on Sunday about Monday’s practice, things still haven’t sunken in for Green.

As much as this is “a dream come true” for the wing, he’s still trying to maintain his focus.

“This is just the beginning,” Green said. “Just to get in the door. … (From here,) just get better so (I) can bring to the team what the coaches want.”

And what is it, exactly, Green can bring to the C’s besides ferocious dunks at the end of games? During NBA Summer League, Ainge gave Green a pretty good idea of how he saw the wing developing. And Boston’s president of basketball operations hasn’t wavered in his evaluation.

“(Ainge) always compared me to Tony Allen since summer league,” Green said. “I guess he gets flashbacks to Tony Allen when he sees me, so I guess that’s a good thing.”

Yes, if Javonte Green turned into Tony Allen, that would be a quality pickup for the C’s.

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