5 Out: Why does Danny Ainge continuously get a free pass?

5 Out: Why does Danny Ainge continuously get a free pass?

In the course of moving on from Kyrie Irving’s time in Boston, one thing that’s popped up is exactly when the Celtics — specifically Danny Ainge — had an idea the point guard was planning to leave.

Spencer Dinwiddie knew Irving was coming to Brooklyn in December. Bobby Portis knew in February, and claims everyone else in the league did, too.

Ainge has said he had an idea Irving was gone in March or April. If that’s the case and Kemba Walker became the top priority, why did things fall apart with Al Horford?

Had Walker or someone of similar skill not been in the plans, there wouldn’t have been reason to re-sign Horford. But the big man would certainly help round out the 2019-20 roster.

When examining the fallout, it’s hard to not ask: has Ainge received enough criticism through the years. Whether you compare him to other general managers and presidents of basketball operations around the NBA or the decision-makers for other Boston pro sports teams, he doesn’t seem to catch as much heat.

Now, he took over the team and helped the Celtics win a title fairly quickly. They had a shot at a second one, too. So that helps. But it also took Dave Dombrowski less time to win one with the Red Sox and everyone jumped all over him leading up to his departure. (Which was ridiculous, by the way.)

What also helps Ainge is, until last season, the Celtics had been unbelievable overachievers in the post-Paul Pierce era. Isaiah Thomas didn’t lead the Celtics to any titles, but the team outperformed everyone’s expectations throughout his time in Boston. Then there was the run in the 2018 NBA Playoffs without Irving and Gordon Hayward.

But at some point overachieving isn’t enough. Not in Boston at least.

“Danny Ainge cannot do any wrong in this city,” 5 Out co-host Matt Medeiros said in the podcast’s latest episode. “I think he gets glorified because he has swindled some people. He’s gotten some great trades and made some great moves. My biggest thing with him is he acquires talent, but — I think what he did in ‘08 was perfect. … I think that’s the only team he’s constructed that had the pieces to win because he had the combination of three superstars who were aging, who were ready to take lesser roles in a sense and then they have great role players.

“Last year, what he did, he just acquired talent. And you’re gonna tell me throughout the whole year not to make a move, I think is asinine. Because you just had talent. Talent doesn’t just win if it doesn’t fit.”

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