5 Out: Should Celtics name Marcus Smart captain?

5 Out: Should Celtics name Marcus Smart captain?

When Marcus Smart didn’t play one minute against the Australian Boomers for Team USA on Thursday, it looked like he might be the odd man out. Although Smart is the best defender on the team, he’s coming off an injury and Gregg Popovich appears to have his rotations set.

So why not keep Derrick White (who also plays for Popovich on the Spurs)? Give the young kid the chance to learn and be around other talented players, rather than waste a spot on Smart.

Although White did play against Australia — only for a little bit, and when the game was well at hand — it looks like his minutes were more of a courtesy than anything. Because he has once again become the frontrunner to go home once the final cut is made.

The only player White seemed to be ahead of on the roster was Smart — who is now one of team USA’s tri-captains, alongside Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell. Hard to imagine Popovich sends a captain home, barring injury.

But the news begs another question: should the Celtics name Smart as their captain? NBC Sports Boston’s A. Sherrod Blakley seems to think so, and there are, of course, others on the opposite end of the spectrum.

There are some sports where captains actually serve a purpose within the game. Like in football or soccer. But this is more of a debate about Smart being the leader of the Celtics. A real leader doesn’t need that label. They’re going to lead no matter what.

“You don’t have to be the best player on a team to be a captain,” “5 Out” co-host Matt Medeiros said on the show’s latest episode. “Sometimes, it does work out that way. But, it’s not weird when it’s not that way.”

When it comes down to it, Brad Stevens has said he isn’t a fan of captains. Unless he’s had a change of heart after last season, Smart will have to settle with his current mantle.

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