5 Out podcast: Still no contract extension for Jaylen Brown

5 Out podcast: Still no contract extension for Jaylen Brown

When it became clear the Kyrie Irving era in Boston was over, the logical move seemed to be: build around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Danny Ainge has held onto them when opportunities to do otherwise have reportedly presented themselves.

Adding Kemba Walker shows the C’s still believe they need to surround the young guys with talent instead of role players, but Tatum and Brown are still the foundation.

That being the case, giving Brown a contract extension before the season starts — so the Celtics don’t have to worry about other teams getting involved, which is what could happen next summer — feels like something the team should aim for. Since he’s back from his run with Team USA, the opportunity to come to an agreement is there. Yet, Sean Deveney of Heavy.com is now reporting the chance of Brown getting a contract extension in the next month “pretty slim.”

For Brown, no extension might be a worthwhile gamble. A max contract is a reach for him. He probably can’t get to that level in one season. But he definitely has room to increase his value.

At the same time, his value can drop. Which is why a situation like this seems odd for the Celtics.

Based on the way the team has been built, they’re invested in him. Now, you don’t want to overpay for any player, no question. But is it that much of a gamble if it’s a guy you clearly have a high opinion of?

Seems like a worthwhile risk to take.

“There’s really no other option, what else are you going to do if you don’t have Jaylen Brown,” Mark Dondero said on episode 12 of 5 Out. “Do I think he’s deserving of a big, max contract? No. But who is in the league? There’s probably seven guys who are really deserving of the supermax.

“You’re going to find the cupboard is pretty bare out there. You’ve got Jaylen Brown. You invested a high pick in him. Has he been as productive as guys that were drafted alongside him that have already gotten extensions — Ben Simmons and Jamal Murray — no, he’s not them. But he’s good.”

In addition to the full conversation on Brown deserving an extension, this week’s 5 Out features . . .

—The NBA’s tampering initiative

—Kemba Walker v. Jayson Tatum, who’s the Celtics’ best player?

—Russell Westbrook vs. Kyrie Irving, who are you taking?

—3 Questions with Semi Ojeleye

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